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I wanna hold hands with someone :(
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jake likes breakfast in bed heehee  also doesn’t his back look hot here ugh ily

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*brother invites nerds over 2 socialize. one nerd happens to b a mutual follower. his nerds werent even nerds. i met a follower ayE*

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So yesterday I hit 200 followers, and to thank you all I am holding a little giveaway! Okay, here we go…
Downloadable content -1st place chooses 8, 2nd place chooses 6, 3rd place chooses 4!

aurora screen, autumn leaf chair, cat tower, cherry blossom clock, clerk’s shirt, fireworks table, flamenco hat, full-moon vanity, kodamatsu, kagamimochi, leaf bed, pile of leaves, raccoon wall clock, rainbow screen, rice-plant bed, rolling suitcase, sprout table, sunrise lamp, top, tree-stump chair, white police cap

Furniture sets - 1st place chooses two, 2nd and 3rd place both choose one!

alpine series, rococo series, campus set, horoscope set, gulliver souvenirs (that I have), camping NPC items (that I have) 

Balloons - All colours of all 3 types! 1st place chooses 5 of each kind, 2nd place chooses 3 of each kind, 3rd place chooses 2 of each kind!
More fab stuff - 1st  place chooses 10, 2nd place chooses 8, 3rd place chooses 6!

ballet outfit, blossom lantern, bear hood, bunny hood, cat cap, chocolate fountain, cupid bench, desert case, girl’s day updo, halo, museum model, phone box, school hat, snow globe, type writer, vintage radio, yellow raincoat

GracieGrace clothes - 1st place chooses 3, 2nd place chooses 3 of the remaining, 3rd place gets the remaining 2!

blue dotted dress, butterfly dress, dollhouse dress, pink party dress, pleather vest, sweater dress, tartan-plaid outfit, white tuxedo jacket + white formal pants 

Hybrids - 1st place chooses 6 breeds, 2nd place chooses 4 breeds, 3rd place chooses 3 breeds! 4 flowers of each breed chosen!

Red, white and pink carnations, purple and orange tulips, pink, purple, black and orange roses, pink and orange lilies 

and, all winners will each receive a petal parasol and a silver axe!
 Ok, now for rules and important stuff!
got to be following me!
reblog and/or like to enter. reblog as many times as you like! (but be reasonable, k?)
have space in front of your train station for me to drop the stuff off, and to plant the hybrids!
winners will be chosen with this random selection tool
you have until the morning (British time) of Friday 12th September to enter! any reblogs/like after then won’t count!
after i select and contact the winners, they will have 48 hours to reply to me!

good luck! don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions! 
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"One good purr deserves another."It’s been a while since I’ve posted an embroidery, I’ve been working on so many other things! But here’s one I just finished! Sweet little Rosie! ♡etsy / craft blog
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